With summer on our doorstep, Im sure we all have time to do some reading on the beach. There are answers to our problems other than governmnent and in the below reading list you shall find them. Enjoy!

Davey Crockett’s “Not Yours To Give” –  http://www.house.gov/paul/nytg.htm

James Bovard’s Liberty vs. Democracy – http://www.fee.org/pdf/the-freeman/July-Aug%2006%20Bovard.pdf  (spolier alert: liberty wins, LIBERTY WINS… take.. me out… to the… ballgaaaame….)


Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
Human Action by Mises

Ron Paul’s Revolutioin a Manifesto

Conscience of a Conservative – B. Goldwater
History of Money and Banking by Rothbard

Democracy:  the god that failed    – Hoppe
Ethics of liberty    -Rothbard
Machinery of Freedom     -D Friedman

Tom Paine: Common Sense and The Crisis

Douglas Hyde: Dedication and Leadership

Faustino Ballve: Essentials of Economics

Andrew Bacevich: American Empire

Ron Paul: Foreign Policy of Freedom

Justin Raimondo: Reclaiming the American Right

Friedrich Hayek: Road to Serfdom

Rothbard: America’s Great Depression

Albert Nock: Our Enemy, the State

Chalmers Johnson: Blowback

Mises: Liberalism

Rothbard: Man, Economy and State

Hoppe: Democracy: The God that Failed

Michael Scheur: Imperial Hubris

Robert Pape: Dying to Win

Alan Greenspan: Age of Turbulence





  What Has Government Done to Our Money? by Dr. Murray N. Rothbard

This first one is still the best introduction to money I’ve come across, and with the situation constantly going on around us, I think it’ll be indispensable in the future.  Follow-ups to this work will be listed at the end.*  It’s quite a bit longer than most of the entries on this list.

 2.  “I, Pencil” by Leonard Read

     http://www.econlib.org/LIBRARY/Essays/rdPncl1.html (and many other URLs)

 Along with Rothbard’s money tract I tend to recommend this one to everyone.  This short essay is usually used as a beginner’s work.  Something meant to open people up to the concept of the invisible hand, and undirected, spontaneous order.  With this base one can continue on in a discussion about the possibilities of an undirected world.

 3.  “The Philosophy of Liberty” flash video presentation from ISIL.


 Something simple.  The video is based on a piece by Ken Schoolland (The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible).  Without getting into fine philosophical detail, this little video presents the libertarian message with concision and accuracy.  If people view this they can usually understand the way you think if not agree with you.  So long as they understand, there’s something to build on.

 4.  “patterns” a blog post by iceberg18 (a well written individual blog from a NYC Rothbardian)


 I include this one as a launching pad for helping folks understand the case against so-called “intellectual property.”  Now, there are some libertarians out there who support forms of IP like copyrights, patents, and trademarks (e.g. Randians), but there are probably just as many who fight them as a form of government granted monopoly.

 5.  “Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy?” by Dr. Alfred G. Cuzán


 6.  La Loi (known as The Law in English) by Claude Frederic Bastiat

     http://bastiat.org/en/the_law.html (and many other URLs)

 Works well for the minarchist, and for the anarchist.  Bastiat gives his theoretical defense for government that has no more powers than any individual.  Some might call that radical minarchism, or some might call that anarchism.  Though this work has been around for about 160 years now, it is relevant everyday.  This is probably the longest piece on the list of Reads.

 7.  L’etat (known as either The State in English, or The Government) by Claude Frederic Bastiat

     http://bastiat.org/en/government.html (and many other URLs)

 A quote should serve well, “Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

 8.  “The Only Path to Tomorrow” by Ayn Rand


 This is a great little essay by a relatively young Rand.  She hadn’t given over to the Rightist/Conservative/Proto-Fascists just yet, and she voiced clear support for individualism against collectivism.  Not an unsullied anarchist piece, but very respectable nonetheless.

 9.  How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis by Roderick Long


 No list of mine would be complete without some contributions from Roderick Long.  This one is specifically on the Fascist medical system in America today, and how an older and better alternative was destroyed by the state.  This is also one of the pamphlets in William Gillis’ Market Anarchist series.

 10.  Punishment vs. Restitution: A Formulation by Roderick Long


 Necessary reading in my opinion.  Just what are the implications of the libertarian principle of non-aggression in regards to criminals and crime?  The piece includes a denouncement of punishment, and argues for a system of justice based on restitution as the only one compatible with libertarian principles.  This piece in combination with Rothbard’s “Punishment and Proportionality” can make one absolutely livid with rage when thinking about today’s “justice system” (more aptly systematized injustice).

 11.  A Four-Step Health-Care Solution by Hans-Hermann Hoppe


 A second healthcare/medical services entry.  This is one of my favorite short pieces by Hoppe.  Clearly written, easily understood, concise, to the point.

 12.  “Government Medical ‘Insurance'” by Dr. Murray N. Rothbard

 Continuing on a medical theme I include chapter 20 of Rothbard’s Making Economic Sense, in which he discusses the problems with modern medical insurance.

 13.  Gun Control and the War on Drugs” by Anthony Gregory


 An excellent little write up by Anthony Gregory, highlighting the fact that not only do the two have shared origins, they are to the libertarian, different variations of the same tune.  Share this with those who support one and not the other to show them their inconsistency.

 15.  Inside the Martial Law Act of 2006″ by James Bovard


 Yet another update on where America is now, from the indispensable Jim Bovard.  With the erosion of Habeas Corpus protection, the near elimination of the Insurrection Act and the Posse Comitatus Act, the existence of near universal government spying, the legitimation of torture as a tactic, prison camps for enemies of the state, seizure laws reversing the presumption of innocence, a court dedicated to the presumption of constitutionality, and government intervention at every level and in every facet of Americans’ everyday life, the stage is already set for dictatorship, totalitarianism, tyranny, despotism, etc.  In fact, it might already be here in hiding.  Read some Bovard, get informed.


1.  Economics for Real People by Gene Callahan


 Specifically an introduction to Austrian econ, but he explains in such clarity regular economic concepts that this is a pretty good general work as well.

 2.  The Concise Guide To Economics by Jim Cox


 Lots of short entries on important topics of economics.  Great for just looking things up.

 3.  Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics by Dr. George Reisman


 George Reisman’s magnum opus.  It’s honestly too enormous to recommend that someone read through, so this is definitely a resource book.  A textbook even.  While Reisman is a statist he’s probably of the least offensive variety.  An inductee of the Randian cult through and through, you can hear Rand’s words come out of his mouth.  Even the title of the book is an ode to Rand (see the first sentence of Rand’s book Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal).

 4.  The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration edited by R. Ebeling and J. Hornberger


 More necessary reading in my opinion.  Unlike some other so-called libertarians and so-called anarchists Ebeling, Hornberger, the other authors whose essays are included in this collection, and all classical liberals have uphold the traditional libertarian position of open immigration (not managed and centrally planned immigration), and free trade (not managed and centrally planned trade).  This book is made up of essays by several authors, so one can pick and choose whichever sections one wants to read.  I even have chapters 6, 7, 18, 21, and 22 if anyone would like them (as they’re not included).  The Ebeling-Hornberger team also produced The Dangers of Socialized Medicine.  So if you like these essay collection books and the style that the editors edit with check that out as well.

 5.  Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market by Dr. Murray N. Rothbard

 Of course I was going to include Rothbard’s magnum opus.  Also designed as a college textbook, this is definitely in the resource section.  It’s gargantuan in size and scope.  Intended to supersede Mises’ Human Action as the authoritative Austrian/praxeological book (and Mises admitted that it had), it’s been the center of much of Austrian Economic studies since its publication.






Ron Paul again showed Americans, especially Republicans that We the People are not happy with the government. Last night Ron Paul finished 4th in Michigan. A state the campaign spent no resources at. We still BEAT Thompson and Rudy!

Even more impressive is that more than 50,000 people said YES to Ron Pauls message. That is now more than 100,000 Americans in three states that want Freedom, Prosperity and Peace. This number will only grow larger.

There is a movement happening across America. There are now a dozen Americans running for political office as “Ron Paul Republicans”

The Republican party has lost its way, we no longer run a platform that of President Taft “Mr. Republican” and even President Reagan set forth. We have become entitlement party, borrow and spend party, trounce civil liberty party and police the world party.

Ron Paul is the answer to the Republican party. The 3 min. video is from the last debate where Paul specifically addresses why the Republican Party has lost its way.

To Freedom!

I must discuss why it is so important why Ron Paul continues this fight. There is a threat much greater than global warming, terrorism, education, drugs…etc.  It is simply the bankruptcy of this great nation.  I stopped by the monthly meeting of Securities Traders and Analyst forum. This is a invite only meeting of the best minds in economics and investing from across the globe. I happen to know a member of this semi-elite group and I get to sit along the wall and listen. Here are some quick minutes of this meeting.

The economic forecast for America is dark. Goldman Sachs announced they believe we are in a recession and it wont be easy. The American economy is in a perfect storm for a severe economic crisis. I will try to summarize. 70% of the US GDP is now consumer spending, NOT creating wealth and services. The forthcoming credit crisis and liquidity issues will put this economic tiger to sleep. They forecast inflation to rise sharply in 2008, possibly seeing hyper-inflation by 4th qtr. 2008. A continuing falling dollar and a ever increasing tax burden will nearly crush the poor and middle class. Then throw in $60 trillion in government debt due in the next 20 years.  Point is we CANT afford more government entitlements, that means universal health care, no more tax cuts unless you have deep cuts in spending and certainly cant afford a world empire with 700 bases in 130 countries. No more WARS!!

With a consumer savings rate at negative, a tightening credit market and inflation eating up incomes our precious consumer economy will fall. If consumers can no longer spend at will and food, shelter and energy become more important than shopping at Wal-Mart, this will further throw this country into a recession. Only difference it will be include INFLATION. why…because the Federal Reserve has been pumping trillions of dollars into the money supply while keeping below market interest rates. They have done this to soften all the previous bubbles and to keep America fighting needless wars.

This economic panel were discussing trends that they have never seen in the global economy. Just before christmas the central banks of US, Europe and Britain pumped more than $600 billion into the banking system. This was a signal that something very serious was about to happen. A central bank never should add so much liquidity except during a depression period. All the while inflation is hitting new highs in Europe, Japan and now America. Then tack on all the deficit spending by the federal government. No wonder the dollar is crashing. Trade deficits are still ballooning. Just announced today new record trade deficits. And this is after the media pundits tell us dont worry about it,falling dollar will help exports…40% of American made goods use imported pieces. Yes, as the dollar falls so does your purchasing power and dollar value investments. So if you own mutual funds, IRA’s CD’s any non hard asset, your losing your savings.

Muriel Siebert was in attendance, she was the first women to receive a seat on the exchange and was the New York State Superintendent of Banking (Fed Chairman of NYS). She mentioned the seriousness of what is to come. She discussed her meeting with the Citibank board of directors very recently and she summed it up as they are SCARED, not concerned or worried, but SCARED.

The federal government can not input any stimulus, nor can the Fed. Hands are tied. Unfortunately they continue to try and it will make matters worse. Of course they will do what is necessary during a election year, but it is unsustainable. The more money the Fed prints, the more the dollar crashes. The more the government borrows, higher the interest rates. Its a one-two punch. Just wait, we will soon experience higher prices and higher interest rates and no credit.

Ok, this is what we can expect on our door step. Im including two short clips in above post, one of the with Glenn Beck with the GAO about the $60 trillion in government debt that we can not grow out of and will require all of us to pay tax rates of nearly 70%. because of the above financial crisis, we wont be able to borrow, even from the chinese and the Fed cant print more money. With $60 trillion due in 20 years…..its over…future generations are screwed..heck were screwed….the only option is the road to serfdom.

 There may be hope, because no matter what, even if we fall and can no longer buy crap from china and fill our homes with “stuff” and we end in a financial gutter. At least we have what out founders gave us…Liberty and Freedom.

Now even these are being stolen from us. With legislation such as the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and now HR 1955 are slowly eroding the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.  Gone Will be our economic freedoms, so will our political freedoms vanish in the new world. They can take our money, but to take our freedom is a call for a revolution.

We are seriously leaving a poorer, less free America for future generations. When do we wake up and realize life is not just about “me or I” It is time to return to the hope and promise that was laid down by our founders. We can no longer allow us to be ruled by a few elite on a hill. We the People must take back OUR country.

please watch the video on the financial crisis and the video on HR 1955.  side note, what ever your opinions on 911, focus on the affects of HR 1955 and its implications on all our rights. I personally do not agree with the 911 conspiracy, certainly not to the extent that it was a “inside job” perhaps a post on 911 at a later time. Trust me, there are far more important issues at hand.

After a invigorating 10 week stretch through Iowa and New Hampshire I saw hope, excitement and proof that people do want liberty. Then came the early primaries and though we did not expect to take first or second, but certainly third. so yes, the early stage of this race was a bit disappointing. looking at the exit polls it does appear that people are more swayed by marketing and main stream media than truth. Glenn Beck mentioned that people dont want to hear truth. Give them some slick slogans..ie. “Ready for Change”, shake hands and smile.

I must say this, that the campaign for Freedom, Prosperity and Peace will sustain. The fight goes on into Super Tuesday. Spreading the message about limited government, liberty and the Constitution will endear.

All the candidates speak in generalities and promise to provide all this “stuff”. It is this tone that has gotten this country into this mess. Ron Paul speaks very clearly on what needs to be done. And if not, very likely this great country will be brought to its knees.

Earlier in the campaign, Ron Paul mentioned that Americans have lost faith and confidence in how Freedom works. We have been taught that government will solve all our problems and will take care of us from cradle to grave. That America must make the world safe for democracy. The founders were very clear to never go into policing the world and nation building. “Stay out of entangling alliances…” Also, currency should be only that of gold or silver, not printed out of thin air.

 In the end, however, no Constitution can be self enforcing. Government officials must respect their oaths to uphold the Constitution and we the people must be vigilant in seeing that they do. The Founders drafted an extraordinary thoughtful plan of government, but it is up to us, to each generation, to preserve and protect it for ourselves and for future generations. For the Constitution will live only if it is alive in the hearts and minds of the American people. That, perhaps is the most enduring lesson of our experiment in ordered liberty.

Have we lost the love for freedom?

first, i want to thank some great comments and for the videos, i have to give props to dailypaul.com for a lot of them. if you haven’t checked out dailypaul.com, please do. i only wish i had the time and energy to maintain a blog such as that.

 now to a trip i took this weekend to Buffalo, NY to check on my apartment buildings, a few issues arose. i do fly often, but for the first time i was “selected” as special screening. there i was being probed and my personal effects manhandled and swabbed for chemicals. i have to say, what about the fifth amendment, against search and seizure? i know, somehow buying a airline ticket i give up all my constitutional rights. how this past through congress, ill never know. also the fourth amendment which is used alot in rights of privacy issues. for instance, roe v wade was determined on the fourth amendment. a women can deny life and liberty to a unborn, while i cant simply go about my day without being harassed by homeland security.

 where are the freedom fighters? i admit i was tempted to say no to the search, of course im sure i had the right (perhaps), but they would not have let me on the plane. the airline is a private enterprise which i exchanged goods (money) for. how is it the federal government interferes? a very similar case happened to me in New York City where i live. soon after 9/11 the NYPD began personal random searched of those entering the subway. of course, i denied them to search my bag. they grunted and said i cant board the train. ha! one can simply walk down a few blocks to another subway station. again…where does it end? those who drive cars know all too well the evil roadblocks.

another issue while in Buffalo infuriated me. two of my tenants prior to me taking over the building are section 8. section 8 is part of HUD. sounds all too cool at first, the government direct deposits the rent on the first of the month. never have to worry about the rent. well, its more of a nightmare. recently the units were inspected by social services and failed. now, ive seen these units and there are great. one unit failed because one window pain had a small hairline crack. the other unit failed, check this….too hot. it appears the thermostat was malfunctioning.  now rent is being withheld till they can be fixed. i have two prefect units not getting payment, over a thousand dollars a month. it is going to take a month to fix these “horrible” problems. not to mention a few hundred dollars. so two months of nonpayment and i feel unnecessary repairs, especially the window pain (come on!).  any private upstanding person would be proud to live in any of these units. heck, when i was young, i certainly had worse.

even though i bought the building, pay the taxes i still have to do what the federal government wants…even on my own property.

so, before i left, i instructed the property management company that i will no longer accept any new section 8 tenants. my decision probably reflects the reason there is a 6 month waiting list in Buffalo. i hear its more than a year in NYC. of course..why would a someone who owns there property be subject to such nonsense.

also, i can not ethically steal money from taxpayers. if such housing programs are to exist, then let churches and charities offer them. i do know some that do, but its a small minority. we have given up faith in ourselves to solve our problems to the federal government. well i say no more.

so going forward, i will not continue to take marching orders from the federal government. they can keep there money, or should i say..YOUR MONEY.

so in all it was a educational and enlightening experience in Buffalo. this is why i support Ron Paul, he would put an end to such departments as HUD and Homeland Security. i want my country back.

with Ron Pauls ever growing popularity, some are getting to know Ron Paul for the first time. Even those that have supported him from the beginning may need a reminder of why he entered this race. above video is Ron Pauls speech announcing his intentions to run for President.

Ron Paul did not choose to enter this race to set agendas, gain power or even for  popularity.  He believes this country is not heading in the right direction, we have lost our way. this goes for the people and the government. if nothing is done now to change course and when rough times come, we the people must share the blame. if we continue to put our personal interest and materialism ahead of liberty, in the end we deserve neither.

i send this message to all to please get to know Congressman Paul a little better and begin to understand that big government, taxation, regulation, powerful central banks, managed trade agreements and corporate welfare are unsustainable.

I will end todays message with some warnings. the American way of life that we have been lead to believe is in reality a house of cards that is about to fall. those that study economics now realize that the credit markets that have been feeding our growth and lifestyle are about to crash. banks and hedge funds have been building wealth based on a assumption that there are $600 billion in SIV’s (off balance sheet assets). with a falling dollar, housing market crisis and certain interest rate increases the true value of these SIV’s could very well be less than $300 billion, probably less. These SIV’s are the base of this house of cards that is our lifestyle. once the market realizes their true value, thus making everything else on top (commercial paper, bonds, stocks..etc)  considered worthless. we will see a collapse of the financial system not seen since the great depression.

At this point there will be no winners. either the government along with the Fed bails out everyone with the largest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich(banks) or we let the markets take their course of correction. Either way, suffering and sacrifice will be thrown upon every American. We have lived way beyond our means for too long in a warfare-welfare state. The government has managed our lives, behaviors and economy into ruin. It is time to return to our constitutional beginnings.

fellow patriots.

last weekend in philly Ron Paul and 5000 supporters strong that freedom and liberty are alive and well. not just political freedom, but economic and social freedoms as well. all are needed in a truly free nation. Alan Greenspan mentions that taxation is immoral because it allows for the government appropriation of private property by force. Those who rationally saw a need for government would contribute voluntarily. People have FREE will.

Ron Paul also mentioned in his speech that as a elected official when taking the oath, there is mentions “to uphold the constitution….and defend it from attack if from foreign and DOMESTIC.” Our political, economic and social freedoms are under attack and the Constitution specifically states, that We the People have the power to either take it back or dismantle it and start anew.

November 2008 will be a day in which we as Americans decide to choose tyranny or freedom.

The above video is all about taking back our country. join the revolution.