hi patriots,

im a young single guy living in manhattan, new york city who is deeply concerned where our country is headed. i feel we are on the same road many empires have travelled, including Rome. our freedoms and liberties continue to erode. the founding fathers wrote the constitution to “refrain the power of the government” in the past few decades we have seen a reverse of this while the government attempts to control our actions and our behavior.

we are over taxed, over regulated and stuck in a warfare-welfare state. we no longer produce wealth, only debt. we work longer and harder while the value of our money continues to go down. our monetary system distributes wealth from the middle class to the wealthy. currently the income tax only accounts for 1/3 of govt. spending. the remaining  funds come from borrowing and even then we have shortfall. the federal reserve turns to simply printing more money which causes inflation and probably the largest tax on anyone.

we currently guard the border between north and south korea better than our own. our founding fathers mentioned that a nation without borders is no nation at all.

we are policing the world and entered into nation building. a foreign empire that cost us more than $1 trillion a year. we spend billions to bomb bridges in Irag, spend billions more to replace them all the while our bridges are falling down.

our warfare-welfare state will come to an end, every nation in history that relied on a fiat monetary system and bent on nation building fell from grace.

join me in rebuilding our great republic and restore the constitution of the united states of america.

to freedom!


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