Hi all,

Its official, i recieved the nomination and endorsement from the NY County GOP and will be running for NY Assembly D72 as a Republican. Below is a small excerept from my 20 minute speech that nailed my nomination.

Lets start with a call to action. It is now time for the democrats to step down and get a real job! As mentioned by my fellow republican candidates, this is a turning point for the republican party in new york. A lot of people are not happy with what government has given them and in many instances have become apathetic. They feel government does not hold the answer, but what is the alternative?


The message of limited government, freedom of choice, individuals in control of the economy and the ability to keep the fruits of their labor have begun to resonate among the population. Need only to look at the un-expected appeal of Ron Pauls campaign and that he finished second behind McCain in my district.


Empowering the people with a message of personal responsibility and self reliance will draw them to the Republican party. This is not just a republican message, but an American message.


I am running because I do not like what are government is handing our future generations in New York. A government of more regulation, higher taxes, fewer choices, more debt and in turn less prosperity. This frustrates me, especially when the only solutions I see are more government and expanding the welfare state which can only put us on a road to serfdom.


Where do we start? Education. The bureaucrats have given us a elementary and secondary school system ranked 17 among 30 developed nations.  While in math, even worse, only 4 nations faired worse. Education is the number one reason for the inequality in income gaps, certainly affecting the minorities unfairly. Educating one’s children should be left to the parents, teachers and the community, not the dysfunction in Washington.


Regarding future job growth, the next “industrial revolution” is in intellectual and conceptual property which requires a pool of workers trained highly in science and math. Manufacturing jobs are not returning and soon a lot of service jobs will follow. These are the truths relating to a global market place. We need to better prepare our students in science and math or NY will loose its competitiveness in the global market. The prosperity of all new Yorkers are at stake


I plan on presenting bold initiatives to address the needed changes.


  1. Adopt a competitive salary range for math and science teachers, move away from the flat pay system.
  2. Competition (freedom of choice) in schools with vouchers, more charter schools and tax credits.
  3. Remove formal barriers to teacher certification and enhance the teacher fellowship program.
  4. More teacher/administrator accountability. Track teacher and student performance and make the achievement of tenure more difficult.
  5. Need to address the bottom quarter of poor performing teachers and remove them from the system.

 I am ready to confront Mr. Espailat on the challenges facing the future of NY and the people of district 72. I will offer voters a breath of fresh air and hope.  I will ensure them that I will not continue to subsidize poverty, I’ll let them use their creativity to build a brighter future and remind them that government simply is here to protect their individual rights and their property.


then i spoke about my self and took questions from the district leaders present which i spoke more on addtional issues such as small business, health care, housing and the ever popular MTA. It went very well, some mentioned they havent seen such a conservative candidate in some time. Thats Right! Time to send a true conservative to Albany. A Republican in NYC, wont be easy, but I plan on presenting a “in your face” relentless campaign. Let the fun begin!


Thank you.