January 2008

When I tell people I believe in limiting the size and scope of government and individual freedom and abiding by the US Constitution, I often get “who cares…we NEED government..blah…blah…blah” This is from both conservatives and liberals alike.

Our founders who gave up so much in blood and treasure for our freedoms…that is political, social and economic would be very upset at what we have come to.  We seem to have lost the faith and confidence on how FREEDOM works. Trust in free markets and the goodness of philanthropy. Let people run thier lives and economy, not some elite few on a hill.

Below is a great letter from Bill St. Clair Crypto-Anarcho-Libertarian writer and activist, or perhaps from Larken Rose..there is some debate who wrote this.  Explains exactly what cohersion from government is and asks the question..Who Owns Me?

It never ceases to amaze me how people change what I say in order
to be able to rebut it. Some people “advocate” anarchy, meaning
they suggest doing away with government altogether, abolishing it,
and forming a free society. That is NOT what I am suggesting, any
more than I am suggesting that Santa Claus be abolished. I am
arguing about what IS, not what SHOULD be. The only “should” I’m
suggesting is that people “should” accept open their eyes to
reality, accept the truth, and throw away the insane, self-
contradictory, horribly destructive superstition upon which ALL of
the political beliefs of 99.9% of the population rest. I don’t want
to CHANGE reality; I merely want people to RECOGNIZE it, and then
deal with it as they see fit. When people tell me that they don’t
think my idea will “work,” or aren’t “practical” or “realistic,” it
tells me that those people aren’t reading what I wrote. About 90%
of political discussions I have with people amount to this:

Me: “Santa Claus isn’t real. He doesn’t exist.”

Other guy: “But Christmas would never work without Santa! We can’t
do away with him! You’re being too idealistic. The people would
never get Christmas to work without Santa! They’re just not
charitable enough. Sure, there should be limits on what Santa is
allowed to do, but we can’t have NO Santa. That would never work!
Your idea is too extreme. We need Santa to do SOME things!”

Let me break this down to something which is both amazingly simple,
and yet which hardly anyone ever thinks about (and which you will
NEVER hear discussed in any mainstream politic debate, or in any
“educational” institution):

Fred and Bob are hungry. There is one sandwich on the table in
front of them. They both want it. Who gets it? It depends upon who
“owns” it–who has a rightful claim to it? To whom does it belong?

The concept is pretty darn simple. Now try this: Who owns me? Do I
own myself, or does someone else (an individual or a group) own me?
At this point almost everyone responds by saying that I own me–but
almost NO ONE actually believes it.

What does it mean to own something? It mean to have the exclusive
right to use it as you see fit, to dispose of it if you wish, to
give it away, to sell it, whatever. For any given thing–including
me–SOMEONE has to have the “final say” on what is done with it. So
the question is, who has the ultimate say over what is done with

I do. And from that one simple statement, ALL of my political
beliefs can be inferred. Trouble is, most people never bother to
consider what all logically follows from that one simple statement.

There are four guys, including me, in a room. I want to play the
piano. They want to play doubles dominoes, which they can’t without
four people. Now, they have the right to try to talk me into
playing, or pay me, but when it comes right down to it, who has the
RIGHT to decide whether I play the piano or play dominoes? Me.

There are 22 guys, including me. I want to draw dinosaurs, and they
all want to play official-rules football (which requires 22
people). NOW who has the ultimate right to decide which I do? They
can beg, persuade, try a guilt-trip, bribe, bargain, etc., but in
the end, I AND I ALONE have the right to decide what is done with
me. Why? Because I own me, and they don’t.

If this seems so self-evident and so obvious that you’re wondering
why I would bother explaining it, that’s a good thing. Hold onto
your brains as we compare that painfully simple concept to the
authoritarian indoctrination we’ve all been exposed to.

If I own me, then I own what I produce. (The owner of the cow is
also the owner of the milk.) If I build a chair, with my own time
and effort, it belongs to me. And if I decide to trade my chair for
someone else’s basket of apples, then the apples become mine. They
belong to me, every bit as much as I belong to me. If I instead
trade my chair for a few silver coins, the silver belongs to me. No
one else. Me. I own me, so I own it.

Okay, I think I’ve about beaten that point to death, and at this
point hardly anyone would disagree–at least, they don’t THINK they
disagree. Do you think I own myself? If you say “yes,” try this
little test: If I want to spend all the silver I got from selling a
bunch of chairs, to buy a boat from someone else, do I have that
right? If I own me, I certainly do.

Oh, but wait. Some guys decided they get a cut of what I earn,
which they call a “tax,” in order to do stuff and buy stuff THEY
think is important. Is that okay? How about if it’s only a 1%
“tax”? Then is it okay?

If you answer “Yes,” you do NOT believe I own me; you believe that
“government,” or the collective, or my neighbors, or something else
owns me, but that I don’t own myself.

As with the sandwich, SOMEONE has the ultimate right to say what is
done with it. If anyone, or any group of people–whether wearing
the label of “authority” or not–has the RIGHT to take what I
earned–essentially, the right to take a piece of me–and I do not
have the right to overrule them, then THEY OWN ME. It’s no more
complicated than that.

Ownership is digital: either I own me, or someone else does. It
can’t be both. When there is a conflict of ideas about what should
be done with me, ONE side–the side which OWNS me–has the final
say. If we disagree, whoever has the moral RIGHT to enforce his
decision is the rightful OWNER of me. If you believe in “taxation”
at all, in any form and to any degree, you believe that someone
ELSE has the final say, which means THEY own me, and I don’t.

As you ponder that thought, don’t be tempted to rant about what we
“need,” or what “works,” or what is “practical” or “realistic.”
There are two options here, and ONLY two options: 1) I own me, or
2) someone else owns me. So which is it? Don’t tell me what you
think is “necessary” for civilization, or how society has to be
arranged, or whether my philosophy would “work.” Don’t bother
fishing for excuses for your answer, and don’t try muddling the
waters with rhetoric about “consent of the governed,” or “giving up
some of our rights,” or what will happen to society if people don’t
accept your answer, or any other evasions. (In other words, don’t
parrot the obfuscations and bunk that has been force-fed to all of
us in order to obscure and mangle what should be a painfully simple
concept.) Just tell me, WHO OWNS ME? (At the same time, you will be
answering another question: “Who owns YOU?”)

Pretty scary huh??? same goes for ones home..pay for it over 30 years, pay 10’s of thousands in interest to a bank, stand proud you pais off the mortgage…now do you OWN your home?  sorry, but NO. The government still owns the home as it owns you. Try not paying property taxes, the government will foreclose on you and take your paid off home. I can go on, but I dont want to you to faint, or better yet start a revolution…lol


Ron Paul again showed Americans, especially Republicans that We the People are not happy with the government. Last night Ron Paul finished 4th in Michigan. A state the campaign spent no resources at. We still BEAT Thompson and Rudy!

Even more impressive is that more than 50,000 people said YES to Ron Pauls message. That is now more than 100,000 Americans in three states that want Freedom, Prosperity and Peace. This number will only grow larger.

There is a movement happening across America. There are now a dozen Americans running for political office as “Ron Paul Republicans”

The Republican party has lost its way, we no longer run a platform that of President Taft “Mr. Republican” and even President Reagan set forth. We have become entitlement party, borrow and spend party, trounce civil liberty party and police the world party.

Ron Paul is the answer to the Republican party. The 3 min. video is from the last debate where Paul specifically addresses why the Republican Party has lost its way.

To Freedom!

HR 1955, Risk to our Liberties

Glenn Beck with Peter Schiff on the Recession

Glenn Beck with the GAO on the Financial Crisis

Our Economic freedoms are at risk, then our liberty and freedoms. There is only one voice that will address this…Ron Paul.

Freedom…Prosperity and Peace!

Its now or never

I must discuss why it is so important why Ron Paul continues this fight. There is a threat much greater than global warming, terrorism, education, drugs…etc.  It is simply the bankruptcy of this great nation.  I stopped by the monthly meeting of Securities Traders and Analyst forum. This is a invite only meeting of the best minds in economics and investing from across the globe. I happen to know a member of this semi-elite group and I get to sit along the wall and listen. Here are some quick minutes of this meeting.

The economic forecast for America is dark. Goldman Sachs announced they believe we are in a recession and it wont be easy. The American economy is in a perfect storm for a severe economic crisis. I will try to summarize. 70% of the US GDP is now consumer spending, NOT creating wealth and services. The forthcoming credit crisis and liquidity issues will put this economic tiger to sleep. They forecast inflation to rise sharply in 2008, possibly seeing hyper-inflation by 4th qtr. 2008. A continuing falling dollar and a ever increasing tax burden will nearly crush the poor and middle class. Then throw in $60 trillion in government debt due in the next 20 years.  Point is we CANT afford more government entitlements, that means universal health care, no more tax cuts unless you have deep cuts in spending and certainly cant afford a world empire with 700 bases in 130 countries. No more WARS!!

With a consumer savings rate at negative, a tightening credit market and inflation eating up incomes our precious consumer economy will fall. If consumers can no longer spend at will and food, shelter and energy become more important than shopping at Wal-Mart, this will further throw this country into a recession. Only difference it will be include INFLATION. why…because the Federal Reserve has been pumping trillions of dollars into the money supply while keeping below market interest rates. They have done this to soften all the previous bubbles and to keep America fighting needless wars.

This economic panel were discussing trends that they have never seen in the global economy. Just before christmas the central banks of US, Europe and Britain pumped more than $600 billion into the banking system. This was a signal that something very serious was about to happen. A central bank never should add so much liquidity except during a depression period. All the while inflation is hitting new highs in Europe, Japan and now America. Then tack on all the deficit spending by the federal government. No wonder the dollar is crashing. Trade deficits are still ballooning. Just announced today new record trade deficits. And this is after the media pundits tell us dont worry about it,falling dollar will help exports…40% of American made goods use imported pieces. Yes, as the dollar falls so does your purchasing power and dollar value investments. So if you own mutual funds, IRA’s CD’s any non hard asset, your losing your savings.

Muriel Siebert was in attendance, she was the first women to receive a seat on the exchange and was the New York State Superintendent of Banking (Fed Chairman of NYS). She mentioned the seriousness of what is to come. She discussed her meeting with the Citibank board of directors very recently and she summed it up as they are SCARED, not concerned or worried, but SCARED.

The federal government can not input any stimulus, nor can the Fed. Hands are tied. Unfortunately they continue to try and it will make matters worse. Of course they will do what is necessary during a election year, but it is unsustainable. The more money the Fed prints, the more the dollar crashes. The more the government borrows, higher the interest rates. Its a one-two punch. Just wait, we will soon experience higher prices and higher interest rates and no credit.

Ok, this is what we can expect on our door step. Im including two short clips in above post, one of the with Glenn Beck with the GAO about the $60 trillion in government debt that we can not grow out of and will require all of us to pay tax rates of nearly 70%. because of the above financial crisis, we wont be able to borrow, even from the chinese and the Fed cant print more money. With $60 trillion due in 20 years…..its over…future generations are screwed..heck were screwed….the only option is the road to serfdom.

 There may be hope, because no matter what, even if we fall and can no longer buy crap from china and fill our homes with “stuff” and we end in a financial gutter. At least we have what out founders gave us…Liberty and Freedom.

Now even these are being stolen from us. With legislation such as the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and now HR 1955 are slowly eroding the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.  Gone Will be our economic freedoms, so will our political freedoms vanish in the new world. They can take our money, but to take our freedom is a call for a revolution.

We are seriously leaving a poorer, less free America for future generations. When do we wake up and realize life is not just about “me or I” It is time to return to the hope and promise that was laid down by our founders. We can no longer allow us to be ruled by a few elite on a hill. We the People must take back OUR country.

please watch the video on the financial crisis and the video on HR 1955.  side note, what ever your opinions on 911, focus on the affects of HR 1955 and its implications on all our rights. I personally do not agree with the 911 conspiracy, certainly not to the extent that it was a “inside job” perhaps a post on 911 at a later time. Trust me, there are far more important issues at hand.

After a invigorating 10 week stretch through Iowa and New Hampshire I saw hope, excitement and proof that people do want liberty. Then came the early primaries and though we did not expect to take first or second, but certainly third. so yes, the early stage of this race was a bit disappointing. looking at the exit polls it does appear that people are more swayed by marketing and main stream media than truth. Glenn Beck mentioned that people dont want to hear truth. Give them some slick slogans..ie. “Ready for Change”, shake hands and smile.

I must say this, that the campaign for Freedom, Prosperity and Peace will sustain. The fight goes on into Super Tuesday. Spreading the message about limited government, liberty and the Constitution will endear.

All the candidates speak in generalities and promise to provide all this “stuff”. It is this tone that has gotten this country into this mess. Ron Paul speaks very clearly on what needs to be done. And if not, very likely this great country will be brought to its knees.

Earlier in the campaign, Ron Paul mentioned that Americans have lost faith and confidence in how Freedom works. We have been taught that government will solve all our problems and will take care of us from cradle to grave. That America must make the world safe for democracy. The founders were very clear to never go into policing the world and nation building. “Stay out of entangling alliances…” Also, currency should be only that of gold or silver, not printed out of thin air.

 In the end, however, no Constitution can be self enforcing. Government officials must respect their oaths to uphold the Constitution and we the people must be vigilant in seeing that they do. The Founders drafted an extraordinary thoughtful plan of government, but it is up to us, to each generation, to preserve and protect it for ourselves and for future generations. For the Constitution will live only if it is alive in the hearts and minds of the American people. That, perhaps is the most enduring lesson of our experiment in ordered liberty.

Have we lost the love for freedom?