October 2007

i have been to a few of Ron Paul’s campus visits and its like going to a rock concert….loud!

young people see what the end of this long and winding road has in store for them.. they will have to work harder, longer, even less job security, no real wage growth and a lifestyle less fitting than any generation previous. not too mention loss of more basic liberties.

we have $60 trillion in entitlements due in the next 20 years, we are already $9 trillion in debt and borrowing more than $3 billion a day to pay for our warfare-welfare state. where are we going to get $60+ trillion????

then the Federal Reserve just prints money out of thin air to come up with all the shortfall in our spending. this causing inflation which lowers the value of our dollar and spending power. this is called the inflation tax. a distribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich.

all the above spell doom and gloom for our country’s future, especially our young. in the NY Post(10/31/07) NYC Mayor Bloomberg is forecasting this very scenario and has issued a warning. unfortunately too many are just laughing it away.

the problem is neither party candidates have a solution. the Democrats will tax and spend us to oblivion, while the neo-cons will borrow and spend us to ruin. i see both being utilized by both parties. they love power and YOU love “free” stuff. it will all come to an end, all too soon.

this is why young people are rallying behind Ron Paul. they know, they see and they want to fix it NOW.


here is a great article from a rally in Iowa University past week. explains very well this phenomenon with young Americans.



ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA— St. Anselm College’s Institute of Politics released a new presidential primary preference poll today that puts Republican Texas congressman, and supposed presidential “long shot”, Ron Paul in fourth place among the 2008 Republican candidates with 7.4 percent. The survey of likely New Hampshire primary voters, finalized by SRBI Research in New York City, ranks Congressman Paul fourth behind Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain, respectively, and also shows that 40 percent of self-identified independents who may vote Republican, and 19 percent who will, are still undecided.

Fred Thompson, who is estimated to be second-place in the national polls, is in sixth place.

The new figure shows that Congressman Paul is gaining momentum in key primary states, up from the 5 percent Gallup Poll estimate on October 17. Recent poll results from public opinion service Rasmussen Reports indicate that number could be much higher nationwide.

“By all accounts, Dr. Paul’s support is rising steadily,” said Paul campaign chairman Kent Snyder. “Americans are ready for a change and his unifying message of freedom, peace and prosperity is bringing more people together every day.”

1,514 likely New Hampshire primary voters were surveyed between October 25 and 21. St. Anselm College is a private Catholic liberal arts college in Manchester, New Hampshire.

dear friends and family,

 i just returned from DC, where i had a evening with Ron Paul at American University then attended a gala held by Reason, a “libertarian” think tank where their motto is “free minds…free markets” i was able to meet Drew Carey who is a hard line libertarian and supporter of Ron Paul. 

above video showcases a truly humble honest person that understands the roots of our problems and that solving them are actually easy. a return to limited government and a idea that Americans have the desire for self responsibility and self reliance.

i want to say to all friends that i havent forgotten you, but please understand that we are faced with a time when we all must act. we have the right person with the right message at the right time.

ill be away from NYC alot over the next couple months on the campaign. Nov. 2-4 in NH, Nov. 9-12 in Philadelphia, Nov. 16-19 in Iowa, a quick visit to meet the parents on thanksgiving and then off to London last week in November(ok, not a campaign trip), but it reminds me of our country’s first fight with tryanny.

Now for the very importrant reason for this letter. After the last fundraising quarter Ron Paul soared in the polls, media and won nearly every straw poll. Now the campaign wants to make history.

We are asking everyone to donate $100 or more on November 5th at www.ronpaul2008.com  already more than 12,000 people have pledged to do so. if ever you wanted to help this campaign or just ACT to ensure you did what you could in securing a brighter future for this country,well…..this is it. we hope to raise at least $2 million in one day. never has this been done, not even Hillary has achieved such adoration. the impact of this event can very well decide the next President. BE A PART OF IT.

The time and money needed to elect the best president since George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are quickly running out.

The Time

New Hampshire could hold its primary as early as December 11. Iowa is set for January 3, with Wyoming, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina and Florida scheduled soon thereafter. And Super Tuesday (20 states) will be on February 5.

The Money

Dr. Paul is frugal with taxpayers’ money and with donors’ money. When other campaigns spend $5, we spend $1. When John McCain had 120 staff members, we had 15. The New York Times reported five days ago that Hillary Clinton now has “a campaign staff of about 500 people.” We now have 58.

Frugality goes a long way. But frugality doesn’t erase the need for us to spend millions of dollars to win. Our country is enormous, and most Americans – even Americans who regularly vote in the primaries – have never heard of Ron Paul, let alone know what he stands for.

And that’s where the $12 million goal for this quarter comes in. A few days ago, we wrote a check for $897,695 to broadcast several different TV ads in New Hampshire alone. That’s nearly $1 million to broadcast just TV ads in just one state.

And then there’s Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina… So as you can see, it won’t take long before our $5 million in the bank will be gone.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we have little time to seize it.

Washington. Jefferson. Paul.

It’s up to us. Make your most generous donation today. https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate/

hi all,

this week the NYC Ron Paul team will be at the New Life Expo going on at the New Yorker Hotel on 34th st. we will be promoting Dr. Paul’s stance on health freedom and his belief in alternative medicine. check our booth out from Oct. 19-21.

Tuesday, Oct. 23 Ron Paul will be on Jay Leno!!! come by the HQ for snacks and beer! starting at 9pm.

FYI: since the NY Daily News introduced us last week, weve decided we needed  a Grand Opening Party/Fundraiser next saturday October 26th. 9pm till 1am. music, politics and good times. Be there…Be free!

ok…just when things cant get any better. life and times when working on a Presidential campaign. so after being up since 9am Friday, i now have to organize and maintain a rally of more than 200 at grand central Saturday the 13th at 10am. in the above video im giving some last minute instructions with a starbucks in one hand….and yes the same clothes from the night before…why…i havnt gone to sleep as of yet.

a hour into the rally speaking with the campaign director of security and thier plans of having Ron Paul go out into the crowd and walk over to grand cental station. ok….200+ people and one security guy….hmmmm….so a myself and a friend became immediate “secret service” agents. received congressional pins and got wired. yes…i went from media coordinator to security detail.

i was always in front of Ron Paul at times walking to his left (im wearing a dark blue shirt) and at the end at the top of the mezzazine in grand central you can see me to the left. i never left his side. and going into grand central with hundreds of rally troops was intense. there was a very quick shot of me on CNN and someone made a comment that Ron Paul needs bigger security..yeah….im only 5’5″.

saturday was a day words certainly cant explain so watch the above video, especially the end….that moment atop grand central will live with me forever.

fyi…please check out sunday ny daily news article on our headquarters and mondays nyu washingon sq, news article on the party. of course check out the CNN taping as well. all are available online somewhere.

two parts to the speech.

wow!! probably the best weekend of my life..all started with fridays ron paul fundraiser. my first very successful full blown fundraiser and party..and i mean party…we rocked till the wee hours of the morning.

 i want to thank rick lee, david santiago (DJ) and all the NYC Ron Paul campaign staff for helping us raise more than $15,000 that night for freedom. we threw this at the grand opening of the NYC Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters which ive taken on as managment. we have a awesome space on 29th st. in Chelsea. we plan on throwing many more events in the near future. to stay tuned, either keep looking back here or goto to www.ny4ronpaul.com

 i want to say, that i feel so privledge to be part of something that one really has no idea how it is going to end…perhaps just the beginning. i have met some wonderful people and many i now call good friends. there is no greater sacrifice than to serve one’s country, whether as a soldier or a good patriot. god bless the united states….may god bless ron paul our next president.

 below are some excerpts concerning the hedge fund bonanza and the true method of wealth distribution. democrats and republicans funnel money from YOU to the wealthy and still tax you death. they of course throw some nice occasional entitlement that keeps us all subdued. why are the wealthiest people donating to both sides, its called hedging a bet. sort of like roulette. why???

 because both top party candidates have been bought and sold and when they are elected, YOU come last. sorry….that is reality.

Mr. Paul said it represented a “transfer of wealth from the poor and the middle class to the wealthy,” adding that, in the current monetary system, “the money gravitates to the banks and to Wall Street. That’s why you have more billionaires than ever before.”

Hedge-fund managers have been keeping an eye on Washington lately, in part because of a measure in Congress that would raise taxes on some of their profits. They have also been making big donations to presidential candidates from both of the major parties.

Paul Tudor Jones II, the billionaire hedge fund executive, used his home in Greenwich, Conn., to hold a fund-raiser for Barack Obama, while also giving the maximum amount to two Republicans, Rudolph W. Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

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